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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Be inspired! Visit our Instagram page – #orsoya.darchi – or browse our collections on our website and choose your favorite outfits.
  2. Book an appointment! Schedule a time with us at the ORSOYA Store & Atelier for your first consultation, try on the pieces you like, and choose from our exclusive fabrics. Based on your choices, we’ll provide you with a quote for your custom-made dress.
  3. Order. If you decide on an Orsoya dress, we’ll commit to making it for you in a contract.
  4. Fitting sessions. Our team will prepare, and all you have to do is come to our special Atelier for 1-3 fittings and enjoy the dress-making proces
  5. Pick up. You can receive your custom-made, perfect Orsoya dress tailored to you.

We specialize in providing undivided, personal attention to every guest, so that you can enjoy the special atmosphere of the Orsoya Atelier and exclusive use for choosing the perfect garment in a private setting.

At Orsoya Store, the sample pieces on display are in sizes 34-36-38, however, we always make the selected dresses to your individual size.


At the first consultation, you will have the opportunity to try on different dresses and styles to ensure that the selected type meets your expectations. The next step is to decide what material you want the style to be made of. You can use an interactive fabric wall to familiarize yourself with our special fabrics, allowing us to target several price categories for your dream dress. We will then send you the quote via email within 3-4 days after the consultation, based on the selected style and materials.

We suggest wearing skin-tone lingerie and either no makeup or minimal makeup to avoid staining the garments. If shoes have already been selected, they should also be brought for the fitting.

Our collections are created based on several price categories. It is generally said that the price of the dresses is most influenced by three factors:

  1. The chosen materials
  2. The technological solution
  3. The number of working hours
  4. The delivery deadline

The Orsoya Darchi brand belongs to the absolute premium category, but despite this, we try to adjust the prices to the Hungarian wallets. Bridal gowns start from HUF 300,000, bridesmaids dresses from HUF 110,000 and veils from HUF 30,000.

The custom dress design is always a creative work where the design is first realized in the form of drawings and then through trial fittings. During the custom design, we use significantly more material than in the manufacture of a ready-made piece, so custom dress design is also more expensive than working from already made designs. Therefore, the design fee depends greatly on the complexity of the task and the materials used in the trial fittings. The design fee for custom occasion dresses starts from 100,000 Ft, while the custom bridal gowns start from 200,000 Ft.

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