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of Luxury Robes

I picked up sewing as a self-taught hobby back in 2012 and I have been honing my skills at it ever since, outside working hours. If truth be told, tailoring as a vocation has been going around in my family for generations so I am sure that my passion for sewing is somewhat coded in my genes.

From 2014, I started to work as an organizer at Milan World Expo. With over 196 countries having been represented there, I had the utmost opportunity to get acquainted at first hand with numerous national cousines, gastronomy, architecture, language and fashion culture. Taken a charge through cultural impulses, I wished to give back to the world as much as possible, hence creating my own brand felt so hands-on and natural. The time I spent in Milan will always have a subtle influence on my life and work, while all my travel destinations serve as a source of inspiration nowadays.

From the first moment I started, I have been aiming to showcase femininity and take it to its highest altitudes in my designs. In the midst of doing so I noticed that it did not matter whether I was in the comfort of my home on a most ordinary day or at my lowest at work after an long and exhausting week, a soft, recurring longing to be more never ceased to leave me. I simply wanted to feel like a real woman regadless of my whereabouts. This is how the idea of Orsolya Darcsi robes was conceived, and gradually took shape in more and more uniqe looks and designs onwards, With the burning desire of making robes more worthwile than they are considered to be, chosing the most special and highest quality materials have been a cornerstone across all my designs. It is needless to say, how much it means to wear a lovely robe that has the power to transforms me into not only a beautiful mother but an attractive woman at the same time, even after a long and arduous day.

During the creating process a uniqe approach is inevitable, and so is high quality material and fluttery design. The most important thing, however, is that each and every piece of our robe should energize its wearers at least as much as I am charged up by women with no fear to live their lives and enjoy it to the fullest.

With Love, Orsoya Darchi

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